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Welcome you to the website of "PRATHYUSHA CHARITABLE TRUST"
Constructing an Hospital for Poor People
Health is wealth, so if the health is not running well, this wealth can not be utilized properly. Sound health can help to develop a healthy society. The village people in this region are not aware about their health of and on most of the villagers are suffering from different kinds of discuses. They do not know how to tackle the diseases and to take prevented measures to develop a good health as well as to develop a sound society.
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Women Empowerment
In this project we are providing the women to settle in her financial position in order not to depend on anyother. In this we are providing the encouragement to thousands of girls even educated uneducated middle half educated and making them to earn themselves by providing training. WIth what ever the funds we had we spent on some of the projects if we are getting good funds then we are supposed to form new new projects with new technologies.
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Resque Home for Girls
This is the another project of our trust. In which we came within an intension to help the resque girls. We need funds to implement this project. for example, a girl comes out of her house to live independently we from our trust are taking into the resque home providing the shelter to her if she needs to study we will provide the education if at all she supposes to do it. finaly we provide the capablity to earn the money and settle in her life.This is the main of our project.
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